Located on the NorthShore Horizon Gardens reawakens your journey to a healthy happy lifestyle. We strive to offer garden designs and floral designs to create an experience for you and your family. With our local resources we grow our own organic flowers and fresh vegetables during the warmer months and have a natural-inspired body product line and curated house decor line.

Meet the team


Catherine Nicholas

Founder &  Creative Director

With a background in the floral farming industry, Catherine has created Horizon Gardens to give the Northshore a different taste of a healthy natural lifestyle. With her love of nature and anything green, she is putting her skills to use by looking into natural and native flowers and plants which benefit the animals located in the environment including bees, birds, and other wildlife. She vowed that she would keep her business to be loyal and as respectful to the environment as possible by creating recyclable packaging and even design gardens based on the environment it will be in such as a bee garden. She has a strong team of her and her mother who taught her to love and respect the environment you are grown in.


Laurel Nicholas

Farm Foreman & Kitchen Manager

With a background in accounting and a love for plants and animals, laurel has immense knowledge of growing healthy hardy vegetables. One of her favorite memories is going into her family's huge garden with bare feet as a young child and seeing pristine rows of vegetables. Laurel also has a passion for cooking and baking. Raising four girls with her husband Tom she has had much practice especially learning how to cook from her grandmother.



Grounds Keeper

As a 14-year-old pitbull corgi, Bean is known by many as a loving funny gal. She loves to layout in the yard while Catherine and Laurel are in the garden planting, weeding, and watering. Her favorite activities are sleeping, watching the squirrels, and protecting the property.



With a background in excellent foraging, Moose is a 4 years old Black Otter Lop. He loves head rubs and eating fresh organic veggies from the garden.