Design is the most crucial part of a landscaping project because it makes a statement, not just about your property but your neighborhood. An incredible garden design plan is an investment that increases your properties value. Horizon Gardens is here to make your dream garden an excellent investment by making it functional and beautiful.

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Professional Services

Spring Opening

Spring opening is great for clients who are on a tight schedule and want to make sure their garden is opened correctly and professionally. This includes a fertilizing treatment, pruning, trimming, weeding, mulching, and any other maintenance needed for the garden.

Winter Closing

Winter closing is ideal for clients who want to make sure that all perennials are checked and cut down before the winter season. Making sure that all trees and shrubs that need to be protected are wrapped and also includes cutting down, pruning, trimming, deadheading, weeding, and mulching if necessary.

Garden Designs

Horizon Gardens wants to make sure that every space is tailored to our client's liking and function. This allows us to be very creative with our designs that fit the property by adding multiple season blooms and garden accessories.

Shrub/Tree Planting

Horizon Gardens offers shrub and tree plantings for clients who know when a job will be too much work! With our expertise, it will go exactly where it will grow big and healthy while offering you reassurance it was done correctly.

Bi-weekly maintenance Subscription

Bi-weekly maintenance is a great fit for busy families and clients. We understand the amount of work that goes into it! This includes weeding, deadheading, trimming, pruning, fertilizing treatments, and any other maintenance needed for the space. We will also provide winter closings and spring openings.

3-week maintenance Subscription

The 3-week cycle is great for commercial properties that need maintenance checkups, seasonal plantings, and decorations. This is also a good fit for clients who would like to have their garden cleaned up on a scheduled basis. We will also provide winter closings and spring openings.

Memorial Gardens

Horizon gardens understands family comes first. We offer memorial gardens that give our clients the reassurance that the memorial is beautiful in as many seasons as possible. It includes a 3 season design for spring, summer, and fall blooms.

Price List

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Garden Design

A garden design that is tailored to the space to make it personal and long lasting.



Includes a look at the property and space with steps to help you in the future if you choose us!


Online Consultation

An online consultation includes an hour of the staff's time to talk about the project, while the client provides pictures of the space.

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