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Yellow Flowers

About Us

Renowned for our fine gardening expertise and steadfast attention to detail, we are dedicated to creating spaces that not only exude beauty but also function as natural environments. Our garden designs are infused with all-season blooms, herbs, native plants, and ornamental plantings, resulting in captivating and sustainable landscapes that evolve throughout the year. Furthermore, a significant portion of the organic cut flowers we use are grown in-house, ensuring the highest quality and a deep connection to the natural elements we incorporate into our designs. At Horizon Gardens, our commitment is to seamlessly integrate the beauty of the outdoors into every event and space we touch, providing our clients with exceptional experiences and long-lasting, vibrant environments.


Catherine Nicholas

Founder &  Creative Director

Catherine | Owner: Inspired by her background in the commercial floral farming industry, fine gardening industry and a passion for running her own sustainable business, Catherine created Horizon Gardens in 2020. Her vision involved connecting clients to nature by sourcing portions of her events with foraging techniques that shine through with her design expertise ensuring that every event is filled with natural elegance. Her garden design expertise reflects wild environments by mixing old-school garden design ideas with modern full-bloom garden designs using native flora and fauna to create functional, long-lasting, vibrant environments. Catherine's background and skills have created the founding vision for Horizon Gardens.


Laurel Nicholas

 Managing Director 

Laurel | Owner: With a background in accounting and a love for plants and animals. Laurel was excited to join the Horizon Gardens venture when the idea was created. Laurel leans towards a formal approach to garden design style but adds a unique touch by adding to Horizon Gardens' founding vision; incorporating a mix of native and ornamental flora and fauna. This combination creates a captivating experience with textures and colors for any space. Laurel's skills and knowledge aligned with Horizon Gardens have created a sustainable business.




With a background in foraging, Moose is a 7-year-old Black Otter Lop. An added addition to the Horizon Gardens team when weeding is needed in the garden.

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