Client, Memorial Garden

"I was confident that you would choose everything beautifully. We are thrilled. Finally something beautiful for a couple of good guys."

Reviews from our clientele

Client, Arrangement

"My valentine's flowers are beautiful. You did a great job!"

Client, Organic Body Products

"The soap is beautifully designed and very soft on the hands. I love the texture of the body scrub. The bath bomb is amazing it's the perfect amount of oils and fizz, and I got the cinnamon candle and it smells delicious."

Organic Coconut Lip Balm
Bouquet for Fall Wedding
Hand Crocheted Pom Hat
Village Creamery Garden Design
Body Scrub and Assorted Soaps
Annual Garden Bed Design
Perenial Garden Bed Weeding and Mulching
Foe All Season Wreath
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Horizon Gardens As A Brand and Lifestyle

-Catherine Nicholas

Unlike most body products our products are locally made and organic. You know you have safe certified organic products because they do not go out the door to be sold unless they are tested through time trials on my own skin. I make the perfect candidate for these products because I have many allergies and sensitive skin.

I saw the Horizon Gardens Brand being a plethora of nature-inspired creative outlets. Being able to grow our own crops and add them into products, designs, and food supply was something the team had agreed to accomplish. We bring this business to the NorthShore of Massachusetts to reawaken the journey to a healthy happy lifestyle. This business will eventually be able to change the way a small business is run because it pulls great environmental knowledge and will keep pulling the best ideas for the environment and for your body and soul.


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Perenial Garden Bed Weeding and Mulching